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  I am/we are enclosing here with my/our subscription of vide cheque/Bank draft/ Swift transfer or by depositing in the bank account No -of in account of voice of India. Our swift transfer No. is .(minimum enrollment fee is Rs. one hundred).  
  Please note that no remittance should be paid nor the same is acceptable in CASH nor any official or staff member is authorized to receive any amount in cash. The permanent account number of voice of India is PAN No.AAAAV52120.  
The President
Voice of India
301/6 Kaushalya Park, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi 110016-INDIA
  I/we wish to become member/ volunteer of Voice of India & do affirm & undertake that I/we will neither accept nor pay any gratification in any shape for any purpose. I/we will neither invite nor attend any social function of any corrupt politicians or officials.  
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