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Ask By Taneja,Q10. Dr. R M. Taneja seek guidance & advice as how to make Delhi worth living? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,(1) Demolish A-Z structures from jhugi clusters to dwelling units, houses, colonies, shops, markets, residential, commercial, religious & institutions etc which have been built & constructed on the property of all departments & ministries of state & central Government, defense, ridge, forest, P.W.D. gram panchayat, railways, airport authorities & all other government, public sector, co-operative departments etc. & the entire cost of demolishing & ground rent be collected from all these illegal possession holders without any delay. No politics of vote bank be played by any forum or political party. As a matter of principle, such law should apply all over India. (2) No building construction material, iron, steel & pipe stores warehouses etc should be permitted to operate from any residential colony, area, zone as ordered by Supreme Court of India & all such premises be sealed permanently & entire material lying in these premises be removed & auction by passing necessary laws so that no court interferes & grant any stay orders. (3) No tricycle rickshaw, animal driven carts & slow moving vehicles should be permitted to ply on any roads for transportation of goods & passengers. All these vehicles, found violating these laws & rules must be seized along with material. Police incharge constable of such area, ASI & traffic police official be penalized for failing to initiate strict action against these violators. Similar action be taken against police if any hawker or beggar is found selling any products or begging. (4)No one should be allowed to operate, park or make stands/ addas/depot for three /four wheelers taxi services, buses, trucks, commercial vehicles & goods carriers on any govt. /public land or property. Any & all R.W.A. or Market association, whosoever needs such services should provide these vehicles required area with toilet facility in their own premises. Multilevel underground & multi storied vehicles depot/stands be encouraged. (5) Central, state & civic authorities must finalize the colonies /areas which they wish to regularized immediately with cut of year & there after even if a single unauthorized structures is built any where in Delhi, the concerned staff of M.C.D/D.D.A.&Police be terminated with heavy penal action. No further authorized or unauthorized commercial complex, industrial estates, structure, township, group housing or colonies etc. should be planned or constructed till the present population is provided with all the civic utilities like 24 hours uninterepted power supply. Safe drinking water around the clock, sewerage connection & system, covered rain water drainage system, metalled streets & roads, parking lots/areas, schools, hospitals, parks etc. (6)All industries should be asked to move & shift out of municipal limit of Delhi. All the shops, commercial offices, markets, religious/worship places, educational institutes situated on both sides of all important & fast moving roads be shifted & moved. All the existing roads be widened at least 2-6 times & required land be acquired immediately by passing laws in the assembly/parliament. No court should be authorized/permitted to grant any stay order or suspension of work in progress for any & all public utilities & general public convenience purposes & projects. (7) All over India including Delhi, a national Identity multipurpose photo card(photo I.D.) is issued after thorough verification. No employer/contractor should be allowed to employ or keep on contract any person who does not hold such I.D of citizen of India. & all these I.D. card could be verified ONLINE by one & all to determine its genuineness. This will ensure safety & security for all & the inflow of illegal migration will be checked & stopped. (8) In order to eliminate corruption. Transparency through computerization must be completed on war footings. All those Dy /P.I.O. who are not providing requested information, providing late, wrong, incomplete reporting or hiding the facts must be individually punished severely including imprisonment, dismissal from employment & these provision must be incorporated in R.T.I. Act 2005. WE ALL MUST REALIZE & DISCHARGE OUR DUTIES & NOT TO BRAKE THE LINE IN ORDER TO GET OUR WORK DONE FAST. IF WE DO TAKE OATH & DO NOT OFFER & PAY GRATIFICATION & BRIBE, THE CORRUPTION WILL REDUCE, ERADICATED & DEMOLISH VERY SOON WHICH IS THE BIGGEST BLACK SPOT (KALANK) ON THE FOREHEAD OF MOTHER INDIA.
Ask By General Public,Q11 Sir, how can India get rid of castism, which is bound to divide the nation sooner or later,ask Mr. Ram Naresh from Barabanki-U.P.? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,We must immediately start rewriting the constitution of India by constituting a high level commission of learned, scholars & eminent people from all professions. Their draft new constitution must be debated & discussed at all level & general public opinion must be incorporated & sought. Final draft approved by majority of people, parliamentarian & commission be passed in Parliament & be passed & come into force not later than six months. The word CASTISM must not appear or pronounced in any chapter. Each & every one of us should be identified as CITIZEN OF INDIA. Each & every citizen will be permitted to work, study, live, buy or sell any property & so on without any restriction, problem & bar. Similarly all other chapters must be rewritten by removing defective, objectionable, obsolete & non desired etc. All the poor, needy, unfortunate, downtrodden be provided necessary financial aids, grants, assistances, scholarships, facilities, opportunities & provisions so that they all are able to stand on their own legs, compete others in all fields & can participate for the prosperity & progress of their family & country. The present system of reservation must be scrapped as this benefits none but damage the basic principle of unity & equality. These amendments will take care of REGINOLISM, which few people or parties had been raising to create hardship & hatred for all.
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