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Ask By general,Question 1. : Who Can Join Voice Of India ? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,Voice of India welcome one & all, who believe in the basic motto & mission of our N.G.O. & undergo oath that he/she will neither offer nor give nor receive gratification in any shape or form
Ask By GAYATHRI,Question 2: What is the minimum/maximum fees/contribution to become member of VOI? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,Minimum one time fee to become member is Rs.100/-(one hundred only) whereas there is no bar for higher subscriptions & contribution
Ask By SONU,Question 3. : Will VOI establish more & more branches & offices in all important metro, cities & towns of India? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,VOI has or will have no hesitation & problem in establishing branches provided there are selfless volunteers to manage such outfits properly & effectively.
Ask By MOHAN,Question 4. : How will VOI spread the much needed voice against wholesale corruption, which has almost been accepted as WAY OF LIFE by people of India? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,VOI with the help & co-operation of very few & honest Press & Media operators will make this mission as PEOPLE MOVEMENT & is bound to achieve the mission of reduction of corruption to eradication of corruption in short span of time. Never think or imagine that I am alone for this noble cause, stand up, start walking-talking& raising your voice against corruption& injustice, people will follow you & this one man show will become a mass public movement very soon
Ask By Brig. R.K.Khanna ,Khanna from Noida wants to know as what is the GURUMANTRA to eradicate mass corruption from India? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,The one & only Gurumantra (the remedy) is 100% TRANSPARENCY. In the present age of InfoTech & internet, each & every department, civic authority, ministry & corporation must have their own dedicated website which should be updated every evening & defaulter for not updating be penalized heavily. More the transparency, minimum rather zero chance of corruption. For example, look at the computerization of Indian Railways passenger booking systems, it is estimated that daily amount of gratification for ticket & seat reservation was aprox. Rs.150 crores which used to be shared between railway staff, touts & brokers. After computerization & transparency, this amount has come down to less than 5 crores a day & even this contribution to the corruption is by few illiterate passengers, who can not make use of online booking or they are not aware about such facility. Thus where there is will, there is way. Had any one of us ever imagine that such a miracle will happen, of course NONE.
Ask By RAJESHBAI DESAI,Q5. Mr. Rajeshbhai Desai from Vadodra has very painfully stated that police, who are answerable & responsible for law & order is in criminal nexus with the offenders & is almost 99% corrupt. Police does not even register the F.I.R. until the complainants, who have been robbed or cheated pays handsome amount for registering complaint. Even after receiving such money, police does not take the matter seriously & donít initiate any action against suspect & named culprit because these robbers & criminals pay the police regular money as gratification. What is the solution please? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,Yes, I fully agree with you but police is corrupt, inefficient, horror to common peace loving citizen & friendly to all criminals all over India & not Gujarat alone. But the working of Gujarat Police is very unfortunate. Let every Complainant be free & allowed to file their complaint ONLINE & the system should generate automatic complaint number, date & time as acknowledgement. This system has to be connected & accessible by the Dy. S.P. concerned & other senior officers. Concerned incharge & officer(S.H.O) of all such police station should mark & direct the officer & staff incharge of the area to initiate the necessary & immediate investigation of the matter( time limit should be maximum 6 hours) & thereafter, after inspection & panchnama, formal F.I.R. be registered, copy is provided to complainant. Immediate police action should be initiated depending upon the gravity of offence & crime. If the complaint at the initial stage is found groundless or vague, it must be referred to Dy.S.P., who may file without any further action but all these reports & comments should be 100% transparent so that all concerned could read the same & if any party is not satisfied, they should be able to approach the higher authority with their grievances. Even in case of compromise, the same must have total agreement of both the parties to dispute. By adopting this very simple method, people grievances &problems will be solved but we must make it a point not to offer any gratification to any police official nor we accept their demand. All corrupt & inefficient police officials be terminated & not suspended when it is proved with their conduct that they did not discharge their duties impartially & with full honesty.
Ask By SAILESH,Q6:- How to deal with the corruption with traffic police officials ask Mr. Mehta from Gurgaon? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,The foremost duty of the traffic is to regulate the smooth flow of traffic & to ensure that all vehicles plying on different roads obey the traffic rules like driving in a lane, fastening seat belt, no speaking on mobile phone while driving, not stopping on Zebra line, not crossing red light, over speeding, driving after heavy drinking, zigzag driving etc . Let us out source all these functions & duties to unemployed youth, who have to be equipped with hidden & regular video camera, which should be able to read & record type of traffic violation offence, time, date, location number of registration plate & offence committed by particular vehicle driver. The challan of offence with fine be communicated to the registered owner by e-mail/regular mail & he/she be asked to pay the fine by particular date & if allegation is disagreed, he/she be given opportunity to watch over traffic police website video. But under no circumstances, any traffic or regular police officials or out sourcing agents should be authorized to challan & collect fine on the spot. By adopting this practice, not only the revenue collection will be multifold but strict traffic discipline would be seen beside lakhs of youth will be self employed as they will get particular percentage from the fine so collected by particular agent. No agent or police official should be authorized to stop any vehicle & issue challan unless serious case of accident or for other serious cases of arrest of a particular criminals/suspect. The corruption in traffic police will be almost be zero with all such practices.
Ask By O.P. Yadav,Q7:-Mr.O.P. Yadav who belongs to a farming family from Bulandshehar(U.P) ask how to get rid of corruption in the revenue department starting from patwari to girdawar, kanoongo, naib tehsildar & tehsildar etc, who are sucking the blood of poor & illiterate farmers for each & every issue/task/document. [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,The answer is simple & that is total computerization & transparency. Let the entire record of agriculture & irrigation be 100% computerized which could be checked & accessed from any nook & corner of the world. No farmer should be required to approach & go to girdawar, patwari etc to procure copies of Mutation, Sizra, holding etc which may be downloaded & print could be taken with maximum Re. One per page. Similarly, when any farmer/owner enters any agreement to sell with any other farmer or buyer, it should be made before sub registrar/registrar & this must be entered instantly in the revenue record so that neither buyer nor seller is cheated & all such transactions must be through a banking channel instrument & no transaction will be treated as valid if done in CASH partially or fully. When such agreement to sell is converted to a Sale Deed/Conveyance deed, before the competent authority, the property in question must be automatically entered in all revenue record in the favour of new owner without approaching to patwari,girdawar & kanoongo etc. In case of joint holding, proper batwara/ partition must take place either mutually or by draw of lot or by other means so that no one is required to approach patwari or any revenue official. If we opt this simple practice all over India, poor farmers can be saved from the present gross black mailing & gross corruption from the hands of all revenue officials. It is indeed admirable that some states have done part computerization of revenue record but needs to fully computerized in English & local regional language ONLINE to stop the blood sucking of poor & illiterate farmers, who are compelled to pay bribe to these most corrupt revenue officials. No one should pay any gratification for registration of agreement or sale deeds & some N.G.Oís should be sponsored the duties of watch dogs.
Ask By Adv. Goswami,Q8:- Advocate L.M.Goswami seeks remedies from gross corruption, injustice& favourtism in present entire judicial system ? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,Total computerization & transparency is the immediate & foremost need of hour. Entire proceedings, copies of petitions & their replies filed by all the litigants, remarks, observation & noting of presiding judges, case numbers, Court number & name of the learned judge, cause list etc must be listed & entered which could be seen & read by all online. During the trial proceedings, all the written & verbal statements in full must be displayed online. Ld.avocates / council, who are intentionally adopting delay tactices, should be warned, penalised & litigants are informed. Advocates must inform the concerned court as how much fees, he/she has charged from his/her client for this suit/case. All civil cases must be appraised & examined carefully before summoning to opposite party(s) & all those petitioners, filing frivolous, baseless, bogus, false & bogus suit must be punished with heavy penality & imprisonment for filling wrong affidavit & plaint. If any judge/ official has admitted the baseless suit, he/she must be penalized heavily. The misconduct & corruption cases of the judges must be reported to the concerned High Court & Law commission by the bar council & all such cases of corruption & injustice must be investigated immediately by the constituted committee of eminent persons. As & when, the case of corruption& favoritism is proved against a particular judge, judicial staff, police officials, revenue collecting & assessing official by means of raids or by circumstantial evidences, all such these corrupt officials must be dismissed from their jobs & all their assets, wealth be confesticated & these people be punished twice(two times) for their heinous crime of corruption & misuse of power. No nation can ever prosperous where police, investigation agencies(CBI etc) members of judicial system are corrupt & unfair. All advocates & law practitioners must discharge their duties to their clients with full dedication, dignity, dedication & honestly. It has been reported that some law practitioners are working like pimps & touts between few judges & litigants & are paying bribes to concerned corrupt judges which is very unethical, unfortunate & black spot in the entire judicial system. All small, family, agriculture, irrigation, division of property, revenue, financial etc must be referred to & decided by panchayats, mediators, arbitrators, mercantile associations & should not be entertained by civil courts until some vital legal matters are involved.
Ask By Mrs. Sashi Goel,Q9:- Mrs Shashi Goel, practicing architect wants to know how to fight corruption from country town & planning offices & civil sections of municipalities & corporations, where nothing moves without pre determined rate of gratification from submission of construction plan to its approval & seeking changes & completion certificate? [Reply]  
Reply By: VOI,Each & every municipality, municipal corporation & other civic authorities must display on their websites about F.A.S. /F.A.R. (coverage area permissible) in different localities, areas, zones with height limitations if any for all residential, commercial & institutional purposes. All owners/contractors should be allowed to make construction to their choice & they must simply inform by letter/e-mail online that a particular building has been constructed, completed & put to use. If due to any complaint or routine inspection, if any such building is found violating laws, the entire building be demolished & demolition & malba lifting charges be collected from such owner, There is no need of any plan submission, approval or completion certificate. Unlimited levels of basements are allowed if they same are required to be used only for vehicle parking & nothing else & such area be exempted from cover area calculation. Seeing the very high cost of land, covered area permissible be revised seeing the other feasibilities like water, sewer& power etc. No vehicle should be allowed & permitted to be parked in any lane, street or road or outside of any premises other than emergencies as these places are meant for walking, cycling & plying & not for parking. Similarly the country & town planning departments/corporation of each state must display their policies for different towns, cities &zones for the purposes of development of Group housing, Colony, Villages, Township ,Satellite city, Commercial complex, office blocks, institutions etc. This website must clearly mention the applicable Govt. fees & cost for different purposes & all interested builders & developers be permitted to carry on their business without seeking any special licences/permission/CLU which is currently available only to few select who can or pay heavy amount of gratification to concerned officials, ministries & ministers in some states & union territories.
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