Aims & Objectives of Our N.G.O.                                           
1. To create amongst all the citizens of India a great sense of brotherhood, patience, tolerance, mutual love & affection, respect, harmony, equality, mercy & respect towards all the religions & their ways of worship.  
2. To educate the general public by means of peaceful & non violent Satyagreh, Andolans, public meeting, hunger strike, press & electronic media releases & conferences to ensure that all good citizens, who are genuinely interested & wish to get rid of corruption from India undergo an oath that none of them will offer, pay or accept financial bribe & gratification in any shape & types under any circumstances. In order to achieve this mission, we may own, hire, share & operate independent print media, radio &T.V. channel.  
3. To work & expose all the corrupts in the Indian society to general public, law enforcing agencies, police & judiciary by shooting & producing the films of their corrupt & shameless deeds & by showing these photographs, films & video etc. to general public & all law enforcing agencies & to ensure that strict & immediate action is taken against all such enemy of humanity by sending them behind the bars, by confesticating their wealth & properties earned by them by way of corruption & by terminating them from their services.  
4. To instigate all the relatives, friends, neighbors & party workers of all such corrupt politicians, officials & bribers to socially boycott them by not attending & by not inviting any one of such corrupts for any social function & get-together for their heinous crimes of financial terrorism.  
5. To work, help & assist the general public in getting quick, fair & impartial justice at the minimum time & at affordable cost. Current worst & anti people laws of paying court fees/stamp duty calculated on the value of litigated amount of property must be scrapped immediately as it is de-barring the sufferer, poor & general public, who are not in a position to seek & pray for justice & court orders/ award whereas this bad act has proved as big bonanza to all cheats & criminals. There must be free & high standard legal aid to all the downtrodden, poor, unfortunates & needy.  
6. To educate general public not to initiate & go in for unnecessary litigation in any court of law for all small, financial, family related, agriculture & irrigation related & all other misc. civil matters & disputes. All such matters be heard & decided by concerned & related trade & commerce association, mercantile, lok adalats. Multi- panchayats, district boards, consumer forums etc. by adopting the ancient practice of mediation/ arbitration (SALAS) only wherein no legal procedures & systems need to be practiced or adopted. In all such agencies/forum, no sitting, retired judge or advocate should be allowed to participate in any manners. All the litigants who file baseless, frivolous & bogus civil suits in order to blackmail or extract money must be punished severely for criminal offences & heavy penalty is imposed on such litigants for filling wrong affidavits. All such civil matters & suits must be processed thoroughly before admitting & summoning the respondents failing which strict action must be taken against designated courts for accepting frivolous & baseless suits..  
7. To work & represent to various Government agencies to initiate, enforce, amend & make the strict laws & its quick implementation wherein all inefficient & corrupt employees working with various government departments, ministries, public sector undertakings, co-operatives, politicians involved in corruption cases, police force, officials & staff of all civic bodies, revenue, tax assessment & tax collecting agencies & staff of entire judicial system including judges are punished at least twice(two times) quickly & severely than other general offenders as these agencies are responsible to enforce law , order, grant justice, tax assessment & revenue collection .  
8. To work & bring of all citizen to come together & raise a strong but non violence voice & peaceful movement to remove the words of CASTISM from the constitution of India as this word castism is the biggest black spot on the forehead of India, the so known biggest democracy of the world, enabling all citizens of our country to realize & feel that we are all equal & are having same rights & duties.  
9. To help & assist all downtrodden, poor & needy by establishing & running various basic education schools, centers, vocational training & work centers wherein all such unfortunate will be trained to the level of attaining the self sufficiency. Such centers will help all such deserving & poor to get rid of poverty by working in the right direction & by seeking necessary financial grant & loan to be self employed. Our N.G.O. will try to assist them by providing all necessary assistances, financial aids, grants, help, tools, gadgets, machinery, equipment etc for the uplift of all these poor, unfortunates & ignored citizens of our country.  
10. To establish , open, maintain & run the required health care centers & dispensaries for all downtrodden &special care will be taken of sick, senior citizens, handicapped, aged, women, children & poor.  
11. To work, organize & provide the required help, financial assistances the very basic need of safe drinking water, sewerage & drainage system, pacca roof hutments or shelters & at least one solar based L.E.D./C.F.L. Light .We may provide all such facilities on turn key basis by seeking necessary funds from all Indian/international agencies & individuals.  
12. To help the general public & assist the central & state govt. by providing equal opportunity towards basic & compulsory free education minimum up to 10 th standards to all the children of poor, downtrodden & needy. We may offer incentives & pay cash scholarships to meet the basic financial requirements of the families of such deserving children so that these poor parents should be able to send their kids to such schools & centers as no mission can ever be achieved without basic education & literacy.  
13. To strongly oppose by organizing peaceful andolan & satyagrahy against the misdeeds & malfunctioning of all fundamentalist, religious fanatics & all those parties & forums who wish to divide India on the basis of cast, creed, colour, and religion & region basis.  
14. To work in the direction of building the strong national character in order to realize & make every citizen disciplined in all walks of life as nothing has been done in this direction during the last 61 years.  
15. To start various programme & counseling centers to educate & train the citizens about their duties, responsibilities & rights towards Indian society in order to achieve the goal & mission of ONE INDIA - ONE NATION - ONE LAW.  
16. To apply, receive, accept, contribute & distribute all types & shapes of financial & non financial aids, assistances, donations, contribution & grants from all Govt.& non Govt. organization, international bodies, banks, companies, trust, donors, social entities, individuals & all other legal entities towards financing the various objects & missions of this organization.  
17. To work & provide temporary & permanent shelters, quarters, hutments, dormitories & all feasible dwelling units including Rehen basera, Dharamshala & Night shelters to all homeless, poor, handicapped, downtrodden, aged, sick & needy with basic facilities like drinking water, toilets, lights, bedding, clothing, emergency medical services & medication on the basic principle that these unfortunates in the society too have the right to live.  
18. To work in all those sectors & areas wherever our assistance, help time, energy, competence, capabilities & financial contribution may assist these poor, needy & helpless. We may assist & help the families of all poor & needy to organize & perform the group marriages of all the children belonging to poor & may contribute& bear the entire cost for such events.  
19. To work & help all the sufferers of natural calamity like earthquakes, floods, tsunami, drought, storm, accidents, mahamari etc & may provide them stretchers, first aid, ambulance services, medicines, temporary & permanent shelters, tents, clothing, bedding, utensils, food, drinking & raw water, toilets, milk, cash grants etc.  
20. To construct, maintain & run required building, institution, shelters, panchayatghar, community centers, training & vocational centers, adult education centers, worship places & river banks etc for the benefit & utility of citizen, needy & all concern in order to achieve the mission & object of our this society/N.G.O.  
  All the income, earnings, contribution, financial grants, aids, donation both movable & immovable & properties of the society shall be solely utilized & applied towards achievement & promotion of the aims & objects of the society & no part or portion of these assets & money will be spent, paid ,utilize or contributed for the any personal gains or profit of its members, employees or office bearers. No member, employee or office bearer will have any claim, title or interest on any property, assets, wealth & money of the society as this N.G.O. is non-profit organization.  
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