Society Founder

Mr. Suneel Sardana
Founder President
  Welcome to Voice of India                                                                              
  Voice of India is registered in New Delhi under Society Act, vide Registration No.: 61939
and PNR No.: AAAAV5212G

  The principle motto & mission of this N.G.O. :  
  Voice of India has been set up to expose all the corrupt in the Indian society to general public & law enforcing agencies. This society is determined & committed to fight a non violent, peaceful & non stop war against all the corrupts by adopting & practicing means of Satyagrah, Agitation, Andolan, Hunger Strikes, Fast, Sangharsh, Procession & movement against the black spot on the forehead of our motherland, INDIA towards eradication of CORRUPTION, INJUSTICE, CASTISM, RELIGIOUS FANITISM, REGIONALISM, FINANCIAL & POWER TERRORISM.  
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